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Per Model Per 60 Seconds

Delivery Time:

  • 7-15 Business Days

What does this service include?

  • 2 Hours Shooting Session with 1x Professional Model, Actor or Actress in Vancouver BC Canada
  • You can choose 1x video background per order, we can shoot the video indoor or outdoor, the rate will include 2 hour premise rental, driving time, petrol (please note you may 
  • Professional videographer, professional video camera, lighting equipment
  • You will have all the videos we shoot and full copyrights of the videos 

What you should provide us?

  • Video requirement
  • Specify model requirements: gender, age, skin color, accent, etc.
  • 1x Example video you like, this will help us understand what kind of video you like us to make 
  • If you want us to shoot a product video, we do require you to ship the product to us (please note we will not return the product, and you may need to pay import duty and taxes to Canada if there is any)

Very Important:

  • This service does NOT include video editing or making
  • Please add quantity if you need more than one model or one background
  • if the required premises or space rental is more than $100/hour, we will provide you invoice from landlord, and you would need to pay the difference plus 20% surcharge.
For example, if the space rental is $150/hour, you will need to pay us when we found the space for you
          (1) Hourly rate difference of $150-$100 = $50
          (2) 2 hours shooting time: $50x2 = $100
          (3) 20% Surcharge: $120


For Customers in Vancouver

If your business is located in Vancouver, BC, including: Downtown Vancouver, Northshore, Burnaby, Richmond, we can shoot video at your venue, but additional time or fuel surcharge will apply to your order)

More Information:

We can help your business to take off if you are looking for opportunities on GoogleAmazon,Etsy,WalmartSocial Media,website design, or content marketing for E-commerce and product promotion, Real-estate, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Football, Soccer, Sports, Library or Book Shop, Portfolio, Fashion, Fitness, Events, Charity & Fundraising, Photography & Videography, Cigarette & Vape, Gaming, Driving School, Law Firm, Courier and Delivery Services, Investments & Insurance, Travel & Hotel Booking, Vet & Groomer, Musician, Musical, Schools and Education, Adults, More...







100% satisfaction Guaranteed


Tell me more about Leads Pro AI or Hui Creative Services Inc?

Leads Pro AI ( is an online marketing platform created by Hui Creative Services Inc. The company started from England in 2003 and since then it has helped over 5,000 companies and brands grow their business online. Hui Creative Services Inc. is also working very closely with Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Google, Shopify, and Meta to help small and medium size, especially local businesses become more competitive in the digital marketing era.

Why video contents are so critical nowadays??

Because people are inpatient, they want to quickly understand what you can offer then make their decision accordingly. 

What industries you have experience with?

With 20 years experience, we have built website, made videos and run ads campaigns for numerous companies and organizations in almost all industries which include: E-commerce and product promotion, Real-estate, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Football, Soccer, Sports, Library or Book Shop, Portfolio, Fashion, Fitness, Landing Page, Events, Charity & Fundraising, Photography & Videography, Cigarette & Vape, Gaming, Driving School, Law Firm, Courier and Delivery Services, Investments & Insurance, Travel & Hotel Booking, Vet & Groomer, Musician, Musical, Schools and Education, Adults, More...

How do you accept payment?

We accept payment from credit card and paypal.

What service you can offer?

As an online content marketing agency with 20 years experience, world-wide offices, and our own studio, we provide full range of services from website design and seo, video shooting and creating, photo shooting and graphic design, online marketplace promotion to local business marketing. You can check navigation bar to see each of them in details.

How can I get in touch with Leads Pro AI?

You can email us at:, or use the following links to book meeting with us:
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2. If you own a local shop and want to join our "Smart Local Program"? Click here

3. Have any question regarding to your order? Click here

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Need A Tailor-Made Package?

We Are The Only End to End Content Marketing Agency in the Market

  • Local Business Promotion

  • International Business Promotion

  • Social Media Content Creation and Promotion

  • Copywriting and News Wire Distribution

  • Website Design

  • Video Shoot

  • Video Producing

  • Photo Shoot

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketplace Promotion


We deliver the job to you directly from our studio and in-house team

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