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Why Local Business Owners Should Sell on Amazon?

01. Reach More Customers

Reach 200 Million Buyers on Amazon

02. Increase Revenue

Amazon Takes 43% of Online Retail Revenue Worldwide

03. Reduce Inventory

Increase Your Cash and Inventory Flow

04. Increase Creditbility

Let the World's #1 Retailer Endorse Your Business

Who Should Sell on Amazon?

Local Artists
Local Shop Owners
Distributors of Big Brands

Voice from Vancouver Business Owners

See how business owners and entrepreneurs in Vancouver benefit from our courses and seminars. 

What You Will Learn?

1. Understand Different Types of Amazon Seller Accounts and Choose The Right One to Achieve Your Business Goals
2. Calculate Costs of Selling on Amazon, Get to Know the Hidden Costs Amazon Would Never Tell you 
3. What Documents and Information You Would Need to Prepare to Join Amazon as Professional Seller
4. What is Amazon Brand Registry and Why It is So Important? How to Avoid Policy Violation and Account Suspension
5. How to Write a SEO Friendly Product Title and Description? Why Choosing a Right Product Category Is So Important?
6. Key of Conversion: FBA Inventory, Product Images & Videos, A+ Contents, and Local Seller Badge
7. Amazon Product Review: How Can A New Product Listing Reach Over 100 Reviews And Not to Violate Amazon Policies
8. Optimization of Product Listing Page: Frequent Asked Questions, Related Videos, Virtual Bundle, and More Popular Products
9. Key of Success: How to Use Ads Campaigns, Coupons, Promotions, and Amazon Live to Increase "Best Seller Ranks"
10. How to Keep Good Grade of Account Health and How to Avoid Negative Customer Reviews and FeedBacks

What Amazon FBA Sellers Are Saying

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Revolution of Retailing: Join #SmartLocal

Smart Local is a special program we launched recently to help local shops grow. By joining this program, local business will spend $0 on samples and will have 0 risk of overstocking. 

take advantage of "0 risk

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  • No Requirement on Minimum Order Quantity

  • Local Inventory & Fast Shipping from US/Canada

  • Full refund on unsold inventories in 90 days

  • Featured By Social Media And Online Influencers

We Help You Grow Fast

  • we will promote your business via our platforms

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  • we will host live streaming to introduce your business

  • we will help you to attract customers with giveaways

Free Samples for You to Choose

Welknown + New Brands

Free Shipping to Your Shop

We Refund You If You Cannot Sell

Let Us Bring Your Business to the Next Level

Up to 40% off
and Videos
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Local Shops
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stores, restaurants and bars
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Let us help you grow fast!

Grow Your Customer

Grow Your Revenue

Grow Your Reputation