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Smart Local

Smart Local is a special program we launched recently to help local shops grow. By joining this program, local business will spend $0 on samples and will have 0 risk of overstocking. 

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Why a 25-year family business in North Vancouver joined #SmartLocal

Step 1: Apply to Join
#Smart Local is a project opens to any local business owner who has a store, shop, restaurant or cafe, gym or spa, or provides services like plumbing, electrician, etc. 
If you have a physical location, we will visit you to introduce advantages that you can take from us. If you do not have a store, we will arrange a meeting in our place.
Step 2: Receive Free Samples
As soon as your application is approved (usually happens 24hours after the meeting), you can start choosing products that you want to sell your customers. We will provide you free samples for testing and display.

Step 3: Place An Order
If you are happy with the samples, you can place an order with us. There is no requirement on Minimum Order Quantity (QTY), which means you can order 1, 10 or more as you wish. You can pay us via Paypal, e-Transfer, or Cash. You will receive the shipment in 2-10 business days.
Step 4: Start Selling and Making Profit
As soon as you place an order with us, we will start promote your business online via online marketplace, Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Craigslist. We will also introduce your to all our 500,000 followers on social media. This would bring you customers and orders fast!

Step 5: Free Commercial Photo and Video Shooting
For each $1,000 revenue you generated from the products you take from us, we will send photographers, and invite TV and Movie Actor or Actress, or professional model to you and make an interview video to introduce your store to more customers. 
Step 6: Receive Refund for Unsold Items
You can send us unsold items or returns from your customers to us anytime within 90 days of your purchase with us, and we will send you full refund for the returns. This would allow you have 0 inventory risk and loss.

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Don't understand the terms in the chart above?


What is 30-Day Sample Value?

30-Day sample value means the total value of sample products that you can take within 30 calendar days. Meanwhile, you can only take 1 sample per product.

What is Order Value?

Order Value means how much you can spend in purchasing products from us.

What is Max. Order Qty Per Item from local warehouse?

Max. Order Qty Per Item from Local Warehouse means how many items you can order for a specific product from local warehouse in Canada or USA. We put threshold on this in order to keep a buffer inventory in North America.

What is Overstock Refund Window?

Overstock Refund Windows means how many days you can send overstock inventories back to us and get full refund for them after your  purchase from us. This is calculated based on the purchase date of specific item. 

For example, if you bought 50pcs of mobile cases on January 1, and 10x electric bikes on February 1, then your Overstock Refund Window would allow you to receive refund from us for the unsold mobile case by April 1, and for the unsold electric bike by May 1.

What you can do to promote my business online?

We will upload your business information to and use its Geo Locator to smartly send customers near you to your shop. 

In the meantime, we will include your business information in our posts and ads on Instagram, Facebook, Google, TikTok and YouTube, Craigslist and encourage people to buy from you.

But please do remember, you should pro-actively sell the items via your business as well, rather than totally rely on us.

Can you explain what does "Benchmark Revenue for Free On-site Commercial Photo/Video Shooting/Live Streaming to boost your business" mean?

This is a bonus we give to you for each "$1,000" revenue you generated by selling the products you purchase from us. We will send professional photographers, lighting equipment, models to your premises and take photos, videos, and hosting live streaming for you, and feature your business with these photos and videos on all our social platforms. This would be very helpful and largely promote your business to our 500,000 followers and new customers. (You can have copies of all the photos we take at your premises)

Can you explain what does "Free Products for Sweepstake and Giveaways" mean?

There is no double customers love free stuff, that's why "Giveaway" or "Sweepstake" contests could bring you a lot of customers and help your other items revenue as well. This is why we will sponsor your shop or business with giveaway products every week.

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