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Full Management of Your Seller Account on Chinese Online Marketplaces DouYin, Pinduoduo, Taobao, JD and Sell to 1.3 Billion Customers | chinese company | china, douyin, jd, jingdong, pdd, pinduoduo, taobao | Hui Creative Services Inc

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Delivery Time:

  • 30 Days

What does this service include?

  • Explain application requirements and procedure to you
  • Review your company documents before submission
  • Register Seller Account for your business on Chinese online marketplaces 
  • Please note based on China's laws and regulations on internet content provider, you may need to register your business in China and file for ICP License number which is NOT included in this service

Are these marketplaces suitable to my business?

Please note, unlike online marketplaces in western countries, China's online marketplaces usually have very little restrictions on goods or services you provide to your customers. So in simple words, you can sell almost EVERYTHING as long as they are legal in China (for example weapon or weapon-like products, drugs strictly prohibited from selling in public).

  • douyin (tiktok in Chinese version) is the most used platform in China which has outnumbered wechat as No.1 Social Platform and left both taobao and jd behind as the most used online marketplaces for almost anything!
  • jingdong or is like Amazon it would use its sophisticated logistics and fulfillment centers throughout China to quickly deliver products to customers
  • taobao (like is the 1st and most successful online marketplace in China founded by Jack Ma's Alibaba Group. It is still the top destination for shoppers to search for anything from physical products to virtual services.
  • pinduoduo (temu in Chinese version) is a black horse in eCommerce industry in China. It's known for offering anything at unbelievable low prices

Why You Need to Register a Company in China Before You Can Start Promoting Your Business to Mainland Chinese on the internet?

But according to China's restrictions and censorship on internet, if you want to promote your business on Douyin, you will need to register your business in China and apply for ICP (Internet Content Provider) license number. This is because

  • China has the world's largest internet and mobile population of over 1.04 billion
  • But most internet companies from outside of China are banned in the country, these include: Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, etc;
  • Chinese hi-tech companies take advantage of the government policies, and created similar platforms for Chinese users.
  • Most these Chinese platforms are built based on Chinese laws which requires every business user on these platforms to have an Internet Content Provider (ICP) License before they can start using these platforms for business purposes
  • In the meantime, ICP business license can only be applied by a business registered in China, so most overseas companies still have no access to Chinese market
  • With our help to have your business registered in China and apply your ICP license number, you will have the advantages over 99% of your competitors to sell directly to Chinese in China

What you should provide us?

  • Your product/service information
  • Your Chinese company's incorporation license
  • Other documents for information 

More Information:

With 20 years experience, we have helped companies in different industries to grow. But we are more focused on E-commerce and product promotion that sell online. Real-estate in overseas but want to sell to Chinese buyers. Admission office of universities, high schools and primary schools in western countries but want to attract more Chinese students.

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Tell me more about Leads Pro AI or Hui Creative Services Inc?

Leads Pro AI ( is an online platform created by Hui Creative Services Inc (registered in Vancouver, BC, Canada). The company's founder Yang He started his business in England in 2003 (China Connections Ltd) and in China in 2005 (Shenzhen Anglian Business Consulting Services Ltd). Since then, Yang has been working closely with UKTI (United Kingdom Trade and Investment) as well as British Chamber of Commerce and American Chamber of Commerce to help international companies establish their business in China and sell their products and services to Chinese customers.

In 2011, Yang set up another company called Shenzhen Hui Internet Software Technology Ltd which has become one of the main partners of Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, eBay, Google, indiegogo, Paypal and Payoneer in China. 

We currently have offices and teams in Shenzhen (China), Shanghai (China), Northampton (UK), Vancouver (Canada). We thoroughly understand cultures, policies, business and political environments in America, China, UK, and Canada. In the meantime, our team can speak fluent English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. 

We believe a combination of our professionalism and expertise with your business and product advantages, we can help you succeed!

Is China market still appealing after the Pandemic?

The economy in China went through a lot of difficulties, a lot of companies and normal Chinese people were suffered during the Pandemic. But since the re-open of China's economy in December 2022, we've seen regaining of economic growth and consuming confidence again. 

Please understand China is the 2nd biggest economy in the world with 1.3 billion population, it also has the biggest number of middle class consumers comparing with any other countries in the world. Therefore, if you want to expand your business, China is the market no one can avoid.

But the unique political system makes the business environment and regulations quite different from western countries. This is why you would need a professional marketing consulting company like us to clear obstacles for you and pave your way to success.

What industries you have experience with?

With 20 years experience, we have helped companies in different industries to grow. But we are more focused on E-commerce and product promotion that sell online. Real-estate in overseas but want to sell to Chinese buyers. Admission office of universities, high schools and primary schools in western countries but want to attract more Chinese students.

What service you can offer?

As a marketing agency with 20 years experience, we can help foreign companies or individuals to set up companies in China, connect you with local lawyers and accountants, create and manage your social media accounts and contents in China (like douyin, wechat, xiaohongshu, zhihu, bilibili, etc.). Create and optimize your search engine rank on, publish articles and news to Chinese top medias like sohu, sina, qq, etc. We can also help you to manage your advertising campaigns on all Chinese platforms.

How can I get in touch with Leads Pro AI?

You can email us at:, or use the following links to book meeting with us:
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