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Hui Creative Services Inc

Full Seller Account Management on Amazon Walmart Etsy

Full Seller Account Management on Amazon Walmart Etsy

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Delivery Time:

  • Every 30 days

What does this service include?

  • New Product Listing Publishing (Product Listing Writing Not Included)
  • Advertising Campaign Creation and Optimization (Unlimited, Based on Your Budget, CPC and ROI) on Daily Basis
  • Influencer Live Streaming on Amazon and TikTok Every Week
  • Product Review and Store Feedback Followup (Followed by Marketplace Seller Policies) Including: Customer Support Card Design, Answer Customer Questions, Create FAQ, Create Counter-Bad Review Video to Showcase Your Products and Explain Why Your Product Is Good
  • Meeting Between Our Marketplace Consultant and You Every Week

What you should provide us?

  • Most marketplaces do not allow one user to get access to multiple seller accounts, so we would strongly suggest you to use Seller Account Access Tool like Super Browser, we will use it to login and manage your account 

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Cancel Any time

You can cancel this service anytime, but please let us know which Amazon account you want us to stop working on. Please provide the Amazon Store URL in your order comment section, in case we stopped any service by mistake.

Lower Cost | Better Result

We are Amazon Approved Advertising Agency with more than 10 years experience. We can help you to create product listing pages, product videos, and manage Amazon onsite and offsite ads campaigns at lower cost and to bring better results you deserve.

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We can help your business to take off if you are looking for opportunities on GoogleAmazon,Etsy,WalmartSocial Media,website design, orcontent marketing for E-commerce and product promotion, Real-estate, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Football, Soccer, Sports, Library or Book Shop, Portfolio, Fashion, Fitness, Events, Charity & Fundraising, Photography & Videography, Cigarette & Vape, Gaming, Driving School, Law Firm, Courier and Delivery Services, Investments & Insurance, Travel & Hotel Booking, Vet & Groomer, Musician, Musical, Schools and Education, Adults, More...