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Amazon Influencer

helping brands just like yours to grow fast on Amazon.
Amazon Influencer Recommendations
As Amazon Influencer, we can add your product to our shopping recommendation list. This would work like backlinks to drive traffic to your listing page
Amazon Live 
Shopping Events
We host live events on Amazon every week, and we can recommend your products to all Amazon shoppers and add video to your product listing page
Amazon Editorial Recommendations
This is one of the most important features Amazon provides to influencers. We can hope you write articles and recommend your products based on keywords searches
We Create
Inspiring Photos & Videos for You
You can ship us your product, and we will create constant high quality contents for your products which include videos and photos to help you boost conversions on Amazon

We Use
Influencer Posts to Recommend Your Products
You will find influencer posts will be a great way to allow your brands to be seen by targeted customers
We Host
Amazon Live Shopping Events
Amazon Live is getting bigger and bigger, let us recommend your products to Amazon buyers on our weekly Amazon Live events

Let Us Write Editorial Recommendations for Your Products
We will write blogs and articles about your products and publish it to Amazon on targeted keywords search result pages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Live
is a trend you cannot avoid but embrace
What is Amazon Influencer?
Amazon Influencer is a special program offered by Amazon to social influencers and encourage them to create high quality contents for brands
How Amazon Influencers can help brands to grow on Amazon?
Amazon influencers will create contents like photos, videos, blogs for branded products and publish them to Amazon via influencer posts and editorial recommendations. The video influencers published on product listing pages will activate more placements for brands and get traffic from not only from Amazon but also from social media.
What is Amazon Live?
Amazon Live is a shoppable live streaming that Amazon offers to both influencers and sellers. But as brands usually can only focus on their own products, so influencers live streaming would attract more customers attention thanks to more dynamic contents and professional introductions.
What is Editorial Recommendations?
Editorial Recommendations is a special program Amazon offer to bloggers and editors. You can usually find this special placement holder on keyword search result page on Amazon with usually 3-5 articles written by different editors to recommend the products they think are good for buyers to buy.