YouTube Influencers - How to Get the Most Out of Your Videos

YouTube Influencers - How to Get the Most Out of Your Videos

YouTube Influencers - How to Get the Most Out of Your Videos

YouTube Influencers

Getting the right advice from YouTube influencers is a great way to get the most out of your YouTube videos. These three YouTube stars offer tips and advice that will make your videos even better.


LeadsPro.AI is probably the most affordable YouTube Influencer for your business. Located in Vancover BC Canada, has professional studio and reaches to dozens of professional models, actors, actresses, and can help any type of business to produce any sort of videos they want. Comparing with its peer competitors in the US, has been ranked as one of "the most affordable video producers" and "the best product video producer" in North America. They are also part of Amazon Influencer Program and produce live streaming on Amazon every week

Dude Perfect

Founded by Cody Jones in 2009, Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel that features "battles" and other sports adventures. The videos have a lot of exuberance and fun. They feature stunts like Tyler Toney bouncing a basketball off his head and professional bowler Jason Belmonte rolling a strike between his feet. They also parodies popular sports tropes.

The dudes were originally five friends who met in college. They shared a passion for sports and Jesus. They started out playing basketball together in Prosper, Texas. In college, they bonded over their love for basketball and were introduced to Cody Jones.

The dudes first found success on YouTube with trick shot videos. They began receiving requests from sports companies to shoot videos with them. They went from a few trick shot videos to a full-blown sports entertainment franchise. Eventually, they began working with professional athletes like Ryan Tannehill and Tim McGraw.

Michelle Phan

Founder of the makeup brand Em Cosmetics, Michelle Phan is an influencer in the beauty industry. She has created a huge fan base and is known for her easy-to-follow makeup tutorials. She has also branched out into other businesses.

Michelle's YouTube channel was one of the first to gain a large audience. Her videos received more than twice as many views as other videos. It was this growth that motivated Michelle to continue creating content. She also learned how to effectively promote her videos to the largest audience.

In 2007, YouTube was just starting out. It was all about sharing content. Michelle didn't realize that YouTube would grow into a monetizable platform. In 2007, YouTube was not a viable income source for creators.

Michelle shifted her focus from tutorials to more personal content. She has created several business ventures, including a subscription beauty box company called Ipsy, which is valued at $500 million. She also partnered with L'Oreal to create her makeup line Em Cosmetics.


Founded by husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli Segars, Fitness Blender is an online workout company that has more than four million subscribers. With its extensive array of at-home workout videos, FitnessBlender offers something for everyone. Aside from the standard fare, the channel also boasts a variety of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

In fact, the company's flagship fitness program, FitnessBlender, boasts an impressive 500+ videos. The company also runs a tiered membership program, with different pricing options for every budget. Among its offerings are a variety of high-intensity workouts, along with Pilates and yoga videos. In addition, the company boasts a wide range of at-home workout content, including hardcore HIIT cardio routines and upper body strength training exercises.

One of the channel's newest offerings is a 13-part fitness video series, created in partnership with Cirque du Soleil. The series features a number of high-tech workouts, including the one o'clock and ninety-five-minute long cardio routines. The channel also offers a Pilates-related workout, featuring a 10-minute lower body pilates session. The company's signature workout program, FitnessBlender, is a combination of high-intensity interval training, along with traditional strength training.

Crafty Panda

Despite its humble beginnings, Crafty Panda is now a juggernaut, boasting 19 million subscribers and a $3.93 million net worth. In addition to creating awe-inspiring YouTube content, the channel has taken to translating videos into other languages. Its latest outing has garnered over 100 million views in a single month. Besides its vlogging and vlogging-like activities, the channel also produces videos relating to woodworking, spooky Halloween pranks and crafty-related content. Its YouTube channel has earned a spot amongst the biggest and best.

The YouTube channel is home to many notable personalities. Among them is the channel's namesake, aka the Crafty Panda, who has garnered the most views over the course of a month. The channel has also earned a spot amongst the top five YouTube channels in terms of most subscribers.

Shane Dawson

Currently, Shane Dawson is one of the most popular YouTube celebrities. His YouTube channel has over 20 million subscribers. He has also appeared in several films and television shows. He is an actor, musician, and director. He has also written best selling novels.

Shane Dawson's YouTube channel has over four billion views. His vlogs often feature a variety of controversial topics. In one video, he mocked the hypothetical murder of a woman. He also talked about conspiracy theories.

Some of his YouTube videos have been criticized for racist content. He has also been accused of using blackface in several of his old skits. However, he later apologized for his actions.

Shane Dawson's YouTube channel was demonetized by YouTube. He was also investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

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