Hui Summit 2024: An Unforgettable 10 days of Networking, Sightseeing, and the Beginning of Lasting Partnerships


On Saturday, May 25th, we wrapped up an amazing 2024 10-day Hui Cross Border E-Commerce Summit. Our events in Shenzhen, YiWu, and Tsingtao were attended by 1,200 in person attendees, as well as 20,000 virtual attendees.

Our tour began in Shenzhen, then went to YiWu (the world’s capital of small-commodities trading), Shanghai, Tsingtao (world-famous for their brewery and one of the biggest e-commerce cities in China), and lastly, Beijing. 

If there is one takeaway, it is this: The market in China is open, ambitious, and ready to work with Americans to succeed in the US. In my keynote speech, I delved into how Chinese sellers can thrive more in the American market by competing based on value added, rather than based on price. 

Our selling club has existed in China since 2014 and has 50,000 followers and 1,000+ member sellers, including some of China’s largest names in both e-commerce and traditional commerce. Sellers who work with us place great trust in our advice and in those we introduce to them. As a result, sponsors of our event get unparalleled access to some of China’s biggest names.

This year’s event boasted the largest number of American service providers to date of any of our shows. We had, in total, seven Americans representing four different companies joining us on our tour. We were joined by a top affiliate marketing service, a account management service, an Amazon ClimatePledge Friendly certifier, an expert in Amazon data analytics who taught a fantastic AI course. We also had an Amazon head livestream from Seattle to teach our biggest sellers in an invite-only course.

In addition, we had keynote speakers joining from Amazon, SHEIN, TEMU, Google, and TikTok.

As the US market director, it was truly a pleasure getting to introduce other Americans to China and to our awesome sellers. As China is somewhat of a mystery to many people in the states, I believe it’s important to get in touch with someone there to fully understand how things work and how to thrive in this market. What I can say with confidence is this: China is a lovely country, and I believe most Americans will feel pleasantly surprised by how welcomed they feel, and by the scale of the opportunities that lie before them.

Our application process for service providers is selective, as once chosen, we go to great lengths to promote their brand to companies with whom we have spent years building trust with. If you would like to apply to be considered by our team, please reach out to me personally by email:


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