How to Find the Best Influencer Marketing Agency for Your Brand

How to Find the Best Influencer Marketing Agency for Your Brand

How to Find the Best Influencer Marketing Agency for Your Brand

best influencer marketing agency

Choosing the best influencer marketing agency for your brand is an important decision. This is because, once you choose the best agency, your brand will receive high-quality marketing that will boost sales and increase your exposure. To help you make this decision, here are some things to consider.

LeadsPro.AI is probably the best influencer marketing agency for your business. Located in Vancover BC Canada, has professional studio and reaches to dozens of professional models, actors, actresses, and can help any type of business to produce any sort of videos they want. Comparing with its peer competitors in the US, has been ranked as one of "the most affordable video producers" and "the best product video producer" in North America. They are also part of Amazon Influencer Program and produce live streaming on Amazon every week


Obviously is a full-service influencer marketing agency that can help brands achieve ground-breaking results. It has a database of over 400,000 influencers and guides its clients through the influencer marketing process. The agency also claims to be the world's leader in YouTube influencer marketing.

The company uses a powerful CRM software solution to help global agency make data-driven decisions. The agency has over seven years of data, which it uses to create highly optimized campaigns for clients. It also offers a unique influencer gifting box.

Influence Agency provides brands with access to over 10,000 celebrities, athletes and influencers. It is a full-service influencer marketing company that handles everything from social media management to content creation and video marketing. It has an impressive client list and is headquartered in Germany and New York.

Kairos Media

Founded in 2015 by Chris Parnell and Mike Craddock, Kairos Media is a full-service creative agency. The firm is focused on user acquisition and paid media. They provide creative strategies, data-backed campaigns, and mobile consulting services to brands worldwide.

Kairos Media uses proprietary software to find and activate influencers for campaigns. They have a database of over 30,000 influencers, which can be used in campaigns to engage fans and drive sales. It also handles media buying, creative strategy, and performance reporting.

Kairos Media also has a team of content creators and social strategists who have built successful brands on social media. They have expertise in maximizing KPIs in campaigns, and their approach to consumer behaviour is data-centric.


Founded by Andrea Angioli, Americanoize is a full service multi-disciplinary influencer marketing agency. They help brands engage global audiences and increase their brand awareness. They focus on influencer marketing, video production and branding.

The company works with a variety of clients from Fortune 1000 brands to small start-ups. They provide a complete campaign plan and manage the process from start to finish. They can customize a campaign to fit your needs.

The company offers a full service package that includes campaign management and content tracking. They use data-mining technology to find the most relevant influencers for your brand. They also develop ambassador programs.

They work with influencers in a variety of consumer verticals, including beauty, fashion, fitness, and sports. They also offer branding and mobile marketing services.

INF Influencer Agency

Founded in July 2014 by former account executive in Sydney, Australia, Jessica Thomas Cooke, INF Influencer Agency is a Canadian-based digital marketing agency that provides full-service influencer management for some of the world's most successful online personalities. The agency has worked with brands like Vanity Fair, Oreo, eBay and DC Comics.

INF Influencer Agency specializes in managing influencers in the fashion and wellness industries. It works with brands and agencies to recruit, manage and cast digital influencers across numerous social media platforms.

The agency works with brands, agencies and talent agencies to create and execute marketing campaigns. Its services include social media management, marketing solutions, brand and influencer recruitment, content strategy and negotiations of campaign deals. It also offers digital influencers the opportunity to reach millions of new customers.


Founded by Jess Flack, a former marketing executive at two different advertising firms, Ubiquitous is a new full-service influencer marketing agency. They specialize in helping brands connect with TikTok creators. Their in-house creative team works with clients to develop campaigns that drive results.

Ubiquitous provides a vertically integrated platform that includes strategy, execution, analytics, and reporting. Their platform includes over 4,000 verified influencers with a combined following of more than 4 billion. The Ubiquitous team works with marketing managers to develop influencer strategies and campaign executions.

Ubiquitous works with major brands, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies. Ubiquitous is based in Los Angeles and Atlanta, and has a strong foothold in the Southeast. They have had success with brands such as Disney, American Eagle, and Lyft. They also provide creative services, including sourcing creators and developing content. They also offer reporting, compliance checks, and ongoing strategy optimization.

Viral Nation

Founded by Mathew Micheli and Joe Gagliese, Viral Nation is a global influencer marketing agency that helps brands create memorable social media experiences. It specializes in talent representation, content creation, and influencer marketing management. Viral Nation is the fastest growing digital marketing agency in North America.

Viral Nation is a full-service agency that is led by a talented and experienced team. Its client retention rate is above 90%, and its creative teams create compelling content. Viral Nation has worked with several major brands, including Bud Light, Match, Crayola, MLB, Smule, and MLB. Its database includes more than 1200 influencers, with more than 100 million collective reach. Its database also allows users to filter to specific parameters.

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