How to Find the Best Graphic Designing Agency

How to Find the Best Graphic Designing Agency

How to Find the Best Graphic Designing Agency

best graphic designing agency

Whether you are a company that needs a logo, or a person looking for a way to make an impression, you may want to consider a graphic designing agency. A graphic designer can help you to create a unique logo, and also a website, for your company. They can also design banners and other marketing materials for your business.

LeadsPro.AI is probably the most affordable content producer for your business. Located in Vancover BC Canada, has professional studio and reaches to dozens of professional models, actors, actresses, and can help any type of business to produce any sort of videos they want. Comparing with its peer competitors in the US, has been ranked as one of "the most affordable video producers" and "the best product video producer" in North America. They are also part of Amazon Influencer Program and produce live streaming on Amazon every week


Whether you're a start-up looking for help with your logo, website, social media graphics or illustrations, ManyPixels can provide you with what you need. Its designs are impressive and its turnaround time is quite impressive too.

ManyPixels offers three subscription plans that vary in their features. The most popular is the Advanced plan, which includes brand design, customer illustrations and web design. It costs a little more than $100 per month.

ManyPixels also offers a Designated Designer plan in select areas. This plan allows you to have a designer assigned to you who will work on your design requests.

Happy Cog

Founded in 1999, Happy Cog is a full service digital agency that specializes in brand strategy, development and digital marketing. The company's clients include The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Harvard Business School, and MTV. They also provide services such as identity relations, analytics analysis, social media strategy, and copywriting. Happy Cog has a long track record of success. Its website boasts a number of testimonials from happy customers.

A cursory glance at Happy Cog's website will tell you that their offices are located in New York City. They offer employees a plethora of benefits, including free health insurance, paid time off, a 401(k) plan, and a slew of employee discounts from local gyms to popular local retailers.


Founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2018 by husband and wife duo David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler, Triboro is a multidisciplinary graphic design studio that has garnered industry awards and recognition. The duo is also known for its unique approach to branding, a style which is grounded in intuition and quality.

The studio has been featured in numerous exhibitions worldwide and has a reputation for quality and integrity. Its clients range from innovative start-ups to respected international brands.

The Triboro project is a reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit of NYC. It will address transit system inequities while creating affordable housing opportunities and improving regional mobility. This project will also improve public health and reduce auto-related air pollution.


Founded by Jacob Benbunan, Saffron is one of the most renowned design companies in the world. This global design firm focuses on branding and visual identity. It has offices in various cities around the world.

Saffron uses a holistic approach and aims to transform brands. It offers strategy, engagement, and experience creation services. Its work has been recognized with multiple awards.

Saffron Brand Consultancy has offices in Madrid, Mumbai, Istanbul, and London. Its recent clients include Beko, Dominion Energy, Imagen, RatPac, and US Open.

Saffron's visual identity design services are among the best in the industry. Their designs are both colorful and thoughtful. They also encourage their clients to think outside the box.


Using a visual language can elicit a new wave of thought when a user interacts with a brand. One of the top graphic design agencies in the world, Ollins, has the design team to deliver the right message to the right audience.

The company boasts over 50 years of experience designing branding, innovation, and identity. They have a long list of high-profile clients including Grubhub, Microsoft Windows 8, and Enbridge. They also offer digital design, branding, print and motion graphics, and UX/UI design.

They also have a hefty staff, with over 60 people working in the office. Their creative team has a knack for the out of the box.


Founded by Perniclaw Bedow, Bedow is a Swedish graphic design studio that is known for its Scandinavian design style. The studio has a wide range of clients, from major corporations to small companies. Its clients include companies like Nike, L'Oreal, Supercell, Mountain Dew, and Bloomberg.

The design studio focuses on creating purposeful products. Bedow's branding is designed to enhance a brand's core values. Its work has been recognized by the Art Directors Club. The company has also received the European Design Awards, German Design Awards, and Red Dot Design Awards.

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